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Fun science

Today in science we made tornados and we had loads of glittery fun.

We swirled the tornados and swung them round and round and made a glittery tornado.

science week post

This week is science week and today we were making sound experiments as

 part of our science week [it was really fun].

Science is epic!

Today so far has been epic! I have done some sciency things. The first thing  did was writing with lemon juice. It didn't work though. My favourite was the optical illusions. They were epic. We also did tornado's with glitter , water , fairy liquid and a water bottle. It was EPIC!

egg launcher 2000

We did a science experiment and was epic. I made a catapult. I made it with Joseph , Elsie and Maya.


We had a science lesson and it was epic!devil We had a sheet of paper to write a experiment on. It was about water and sound. We blew into a bottle and it made a low sound. Then we put water in the bottle. It made a different sound. The more water the higher it sounds.

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